Get on-demand access to popular 3D design and engineering applications in the cloud

The Challenge

Small and medium business that employ Creators* need to cost-effectively accelerate their complex or compute-intensive application workflows so they may serve their customers better, respond faster and grow into offering more higher-impact, higher-margin services.  Some of the significant challenges that impact progress are:

* includes - professional/freelance individuals, businesses and agencies that have a significant dependance on Designers, Engineers, Architects, Roboticists, Biomedical Researchers, Graphic Artists, Directors, Data Scientists, 3D Modelers, Animators, Marketers and Makers.

Multiple Applications

All the applications required for 3D design workflow are expensive to own

Compute Firepower

Occasional need for computational firepower does not justify expense of high-performance computers.

Limited Collaboration

Difficult or time-consuming process of working with other designers collaboratively, impacts productivity.

Total Cost of Ownership

TCO in direct software costs and hardware upgrades for a PC is ~4x the original cost over its typical lifetime.

Introducing HIVE.3D

Hive.3D is a secure, cloud-native application cluster that empowers Creators with on-demand, pay-as-you-go access to the computational firepower and the industry applications you need that help you reduce costs, increase workflow efficiencies and offer new, more complex design services.

Application Selection

You don't need to own the apps to get work done.  Get access to a range of trusted applications you need to complete your design workflow.  

Integrated Compute Firepower

Complex project? No worries! We got you covered with a choice of the CPU/ GPU power you need to get the job done.

Variable Costs

Pay only for what you use.  How's that for a way to get you started using licensed, trusted industry applications you need on the go or don't have?

Many Hands. Lighter Work.

With integrated collaboration you can work - synchronously or asynchronously - regardless of where your team is located.

Get Creating with Hive.3D

Create 3D Simulations and Visualizations from anywhere, anytime!

Want your own curated application cluster?

Hive.3D Studio is a customizable stack of applications, software, hardware and the services you need to get up and running in days.