...the world's fastest, convenient and most economical way to securely render your Daz projects with NVIDIA® Iray Server in the Cloud


Boost for Daz

an on-demand, cloud-rendering service for Daz artists everywhere

IT Roy Viewers get 10% Off* off Boost for Daz

until December 2023...maybe longer!

All my viewers need to do is sign up below to grab this 'render rebel' discount now!

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*Discount duration and amount are subject to change without prior notice.

Why I think this is so cool...

Use Your Current Mac or PC

No installs. No upgrades.  Remote, on- demand access to NVIDIA GPU's with Iray Server from your Mac or PC - right now!

Just Pay For What You Use

We know you have other uses for your money. With pay-as-you-go billing, you only pay for the time you use Boost for Daz resources - to the second.

Create What You Imagine

No need to cut or reduce scene complexity to fit your local memory anymore! Now you can render scenes, promos, and animations that truly showcase your creativity and talent.

Get Productive with Queue

Multiple renders taking too long? No worries. Use Iray Server Queue to batch your renders in the cloud, without tying up your computer.

..and there more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does signing up here cost me anything?

Nope. Signing up through this site is absolutely no cost to you. A special offer to my viewers, it simply registers your email for this discount. 

Is Boost for Daz a paid service?

Yes. Boost for Daz is a paid cloud-rendering service. Though prices are noted per hour, you actually get billed per second, and only for the time you use Boost for Daz resources.  By registering here with a valid email address, your Boost for Daz discount will apply to any GPU you pick.  Yes, even an NVIDIA A6000!

Do I have to use Boost for Daz?

Nope.  If you have a fast enough GPU in your rig for all your rendering needs, then feel free to continue with that.  Boost for Daz is best for those who want to invest in growing their Daz skills and scene complexity levels, but: 

  • Don't have access to NVIDIA GPU processing horsepower (e.g. our friends on Macs)
  • Feel your existing GPU's takes way too long to render
  • Your local rig can't handle your expanding creative vision for Daz projects and you find yourself cutting scenes down (hit your GPU VRAM limit)
  • Just don't have the money to plop down on a high-end NVIDIA GPU right now yet don't want to compromise on your creativity.

How long will this discount last?

At least until December 31 2023.  But it also depends a lot of you folks!  If you are taking advantage of this discount to create new projects with me and render with Boost for Daz often enough, I'll be happy to work with the Boost for Daz team and see what we can do to extend it.

What happens after I sign-up here?

As soon as you register above, you'll get an invitation email with instructions on how to register and use the Boost for Daz cloud rendering service. Your discount - connected to the email address you provide when signing up - will be activated within 24 hours of signing up.  At that point, you are all set to start rendering with Boost for Daz with your discount!

What do I need to use Boost for Daz?

Apple Mac, as well as PC users of the latest Daz Studio versions can immediately use Boost for Daz for rendering their Daz projects.  You will continue to use your local Daz Studio to create projects, but use Boost for Daz (in the cloud) to actually render them - connecting to a private NVIDIA GPU of your choice.  You can change GPU's based on the time, cost and performance needs of each project. There's a lot more helpful information in the Boost for Daz Knowledge Base on how to use the service effectively.

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