AI/ML Developers

Workflow Simplified.  Transition seamlessly from Designing to Training Models to Launching & Monetization.

The Challenge

Compute resources during across your AI/ML application development workflow vary significantly by stage - from the selection, consolidation and processing of distributed structured/unstructured data sets; to the accurate training of models and onto prototyping, scaling and monetization.

Predicting these resource needs -  given their highly iterative nature - and their costs across Storage IOPS, CPU, GPU, Network and Memory is likely to be difficult - if not impossible. We understand the pain of not having the right resources, at the right time, and at the right cost.

Our AI/ML platform simplifies the process, reduces costs, and accelerates the path to project prototype, scale or monetization.

Explore Tools & Frameworks

No one tool or framework fits all. Explore our catalog for the right set of tools and frameworks for your specific AI/ML project.

Quickly Design & Prototype 

Create AI/ML projects iteratively and collaboratively, with secure access to distributed public/private data models.

Scale Compute Resources

On-demand scaling and provisioning of compute resources reduces operational and DevOps costs. Adaptive storage, CPU, GPU (incl. Tensor Cores) and Memory configurations align costs with performance. 

Path to Monetization

Quickly add a web storefront to your application with integrated marketing and promotion, billing/payments processing, user management, sys admin, monitoring and analytics modules.  Share your AI/ML solution with the world!

We got your AI/ML workflow covered with great options

A one-stop AI/ML runway - a seamless, simple and affordable path from exploration to monetization

Introducing Hive-AI

Perfect for freelancers, students and professionals wanting to explore popular AI/ML tools and distributed frameworks.  Hive-AI is a secure, cloud-native cluster of AI/ML resources with the on-demand, elastic compute firepower required to be efficient and productive.  Hive-AI combines access convenience, cost and collaboration with the software resources you need quickly and securely explore the right tools for your AI/ML project, or just learn new skills.

Introducing Hive-AI Studio

With Hive.3D Studio, Software Publishers can quickly curate and deploy their very own branded application suite in the cloud.  In doing so, the immediately enable affordable access to the titles and resources needed use them effectively off site, on the road, or to collaborate.

Want your own curated application cluster?

Hive.3D Studio is a customizable stack of applications, software, hardware and the services you need to get up and running in days.

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