Educational Institutions

Reduce operating costs while offering on-demand access to popular 3D design and engineering applications in the cloud

The Challenge

Teacher and Student Creators*  need to keep up with the latest applications in their respective fields of study and desire access anytime, anywhere - while minimizing costs and not having to wait for the IT department.

* includes, but not limited, to the following disciplines: Designers, Engineers, Architects, Roboticists, Biomedical Researchers, Graphic Artists, Directors, Data Scientists, 3D Modelers, Animators and Marketers.

Limited Applications

Students typically use multiple applications. Few institutions can afford to offer a curated set of applications across disciplines.

Fixed Compute Firepower

Different 3D design and engineering projects need different CPU/ GPU resources. Sizing for one-size-fits-all is expensive.

Restricted Collaboration

Educational versions of 3D applications are either limited or are unable to facilitate student collaboration or study groups.

Total Cost of Ownership

TCO in direct software costs and hardware upgrades for a PC is ~4x the original cost over its typical lifetime.

Unleash Learning and Creativity

We empower Educational Institutions with the freedom to overcome challenging budgets and cost-effectively offer a curated set of 3D design, engineering and simulations applications to Students and Teachers. 

Cloud Access

Offer remote access to all the applications needed in one place - on-prem or in the Cloud.

Compute On Tap

Access the right computational CPU and GPU firepower you need - when you need it.

Pay For What You Use

Variablize your costs by only paying for what you use.

Introducing Hive.3D

Hive.3D is a secure, cloud-native application cluster that gives Teachers and Students immediate, on-demand to the compute firepower and the industry 3D applications for their field of study.  Unleash productivity with collaboration, reduce operational costs with pay-as-you-go access ,or just learn new applications - anytime, anywhere. 

Introducing Hive.3D Studio

With Hive.3D Studio, Educational Institutions can quickly curate and deploy their very own branded application suite and compute stack in the cloud for secure access to Teachers and Students.  On-premises solutions or private cloud installations can adapt to existing IT infrastructures while optimizing operating costs.

Want your own curated application cluster?

Hive.3D Studio is a customizable stack of applications, software, hardware and the services you need to get up and running in days.

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