Giving Creators within Businesses on-demand access to 3D design and engineering applications in the cloud

The Challenge

Ideal for Creators* within businesses who need occasional access to applications in their workflow that they don't own (or require when away from their primary computer) - as well as the high compute firepower to run them.  Purchasing these applications or upgrading each computer for these usage spikes can swell expenses over time.

* includes - professional/freelance individuals, businesses and agencies that have a significant dependance on Designers, Engineers, Architects, Roboticists, Biomedical Researchers, Graphic Artists, Directors, Data Scientists, 3D Modelers, Animators, Marketers and Makers.

Occasional Applications

Workflows require multiple applications. But some applications are used occasionally. Is buying them the answer?

Fixed Compute Firepower

Different 3D design and engineering projects need different CPU/ GPU resources. Sizing for one-size-fits-all can get expensive.

Limited Collaboration

Are your Creators across different locations able to collaborate effectively and increase productivity?

Total Cost of Ownership

TCO in direct software costs and hardware upgrades for a PC is ~4x the original cost over its typical lifetime.

Introducing HIVE.3D

Hive.3D is a secure, cloud-native application cluster that empowers Creators across your business with on-demand, pay-as-you-go access to the compute firepower and the industry applications they need that help reduce costs, learn new skills, and increase design productivity through collaboration.

Application Selection

You don't need to own the apps to get work done.  Get access to a range of trusted applications you need to for your specific discipline or industry.  

Integrated Compute Firepower

GPU-heavy project? No worries! We got you covered with choices of CPU/ GPU power you need to learn new skills and 

Reduce Opex

Variablize costs and pay for what you use.  Reduce hardware and software expenses, without compromising productivity and learning.

Design Together. From Anywhere.

Remote access and collaborative design tools reduce project completion times and optimize distributed Creator resources - regardless of location.

Get Creating with Hive.3D

Create 3D Simulations and Visualizations from anywhere, anytime!

Want your own curated application cluster?

Hive.3D Studio is a customizable stack of applications, software, hardware and the services you need to get up and running in days.

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